O & R what a cute pair. Chicagoland Photographer Rachel B. Photo Studio, LLC.
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Wednesday, May 02, 2012
By Rachel B.
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I was so excited to meet up with this cute family again. It was round 3 of our "Year in Photos" package. We started when Rocco was just a newborn baby and now he just had his first birthday! I was greeted at their new home by sweet 2 year old (and "some months" as she says) Olivia. They all have such a sunny disposition that it reminds me why I love taking pictures. Happiness exudes from them and you can definitely see that in the pictures. Enjoy! I can't wait for our next outing!







A little sweet potato explosion! Good thing he was home so we could clean him up :0


Look at those baby blues...


This photo just makes me smile. Love Olivia's belly button!





One of my all time favs. A little girl so proud of her new room. And yes, she is only "2 and some months"

Just love a shoot that's filled with life! 

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