Chicagoland Photographer Rachel B. Photo Studio LLC Life is a Beach
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Monday, July 02, 2012
By Rachel B.
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I think you can tell a lot about people by the way they react to the beach. Patrick wasn’t afraid of the sandy path; he wasn’t afraid of the path close to the water. He truly understands that life is a blast and had a great day with his family. He laughed, he jumped, he let loose. Patrick was equally as excited in his mom’s arms as his dad’s, and his cherub cheeks were enough for all of us to eat.

There is something about red that really makes blue and green burst on camera; Patrick wore red, has one blue and one green eye, and was surrounded by the lush green grass, the atmospheric sky, and the aqua blue waters. Impressive chromatism! 

Patrick cracked up the entire day, and I caught several moments that exemplify his personality. One in particular was when he was wearing the cutest linen fedora with a colorful band, and looking mighty dapper, I might say. He gazed up at his parents with a smile that said they told him the best joke in the world! Life is truly a beach for this little man!




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